• (adj): Unable to meet financial obligations.
    Example: "A failing business venture"
    Synonyms: failed
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Some articles on failing:

Henry Failing - Later Life and Legacy
... of the Oregon Legislative Assembly endorsed Failing to succeed William Windom as the United States Secretary of the Treasury in 1891 ... Failing served as a regent of the University of Oregon, a trustee and treasurer of Pacific University, president (and benefactor) of the Portland Library Association, treasurer of the Portland ... Henry Failing died on November 8, 1898 ...
Milijonar Z Jonasom - Lowest Scores
... The first contestant ever to win nothing was John Davidson from the British version, failing on his fifth question ... Australian version became their first A$0 winner, failing on his fourth question ... also became their first NZ$0 winner, failing on her fourth question ...
Brooklyn Theater Fire - Aftermath - Coroner's Report
... The jury held Shook and Palmer responsible for failing to take adequate precautions against fire, failing to train stage hands in either fire prevention or the management of incipient fires, failing to ...
Bryan Cochrane
... At the Brier, the team finished with a disappointing 5-6 record, failing to make the playoffs ... Until failing to qualify for the 2008 provincials, Cochrane had played in ten straight tournaments ...
Self-organizing Network - SON Sub-functions - Self-healing Functions
... cells so that other nodes can support the users that were supported by the failing node ... In legacy networks, the failing base stations are at times hard to identify and a significant amount of time and resources is required to fix it ... This function of SON permits to spot such a failing base stations immediately in order to take further measures, and ensure no or insignificant degradation of service for the users ...

More definitions of "failing":

  • (noun): A flaw or weak point.
    Synonyms: weakness
  • (adj): Below acceptable in performance.
    Example: "Received failing grades"
  • (noun): Failure to reach a minimum required performance.
    Example: "His failing the course led to his disqualification"

Famous quotes containing the word failing:

    Our sons their fathers’ failing language see,
    And such as Chaucer is shall Dryden be.
    Alexander Pope (1688–1744)

    I would be a winner because I was a loser! That’s right. I dream of failure every night of my life, and that’s my secret. To make it in this rat race you have to dream of failing every day. I mean, that is reality.
    Donald Freed, U.S. screenwriter, and Arnold M. Stone. Robert Altman. Richard Nixon (Philip Baker Hall)

    The source of Pyrrhonism comes from failing to distinguish between a demonstration, a proof and a probability. A demonstration supposes that the contradictory idea is impossible; a proof of fact is where all the reasons lead to belief, without there being any pretext for doubt; a probability is where the reasons for belief are stronger than those for doubting.
    Andrew Michael Ramsay (1686–1743)