Facing Slope

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Aspect (geography) - Importance of Aspect
... The aspect of a slope can make very significant influences on its local climate (microclimate) ... west at the hottest time of day in the afternoon, in most cases a west-facing slope will be warmer than a sheltered east-facing slope (unless large-scale ... remnants of rainforest are almost always found on east-facing slopes which are protected from dry westerly wind ...

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    The “universal moments” of child rearing are in fact nothing less than a confrontation with the most basic problems of living in society: a facing through one’s children of all the conflicts inherent in human relationships, a clarification of issues that were unresolved in one’s own growing up. The experience of child rearing not only can strengthen one as an individual but also presents the opportunity to shape human relationships of the future.
    Elaine Heffner (20th century)