Extreme Points of Japan

The extreme points of Japan include the coordinates that are farthest north, south, east and west in Japan, and the ones that are at the highest and the lowest elevations in the country. Japan's northern-most point is disputed, as both Japan and Russia have claimed Iturup, the island on which Japan claims the point is located. The southern-most point is Okinotorishima; the western-most is Cape Irizaki in Okinawa Prefecture, and the eastern-most is Minami Torishima. The highest point in Japan is the summit of Mount Fuji at 3,776 metres (12,388 ft). At 150 m (492 ft) below sea level, the bottom of Hachinohe mine is the country's lowest point. The surface of HachirĊgata is Japan's lowest natural point at 4 m (13 ft) below sea level. With the exception of Cape Irizaki, the western-most location of Japan, all other extreme locations are uninhabited.

The coordinates used in this article are sourced from Google Earth, which makes use of the World Geodetic System (WGS) 84.

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