Expeditionary Force

Expeditionary Force is a generic name sometimes applied to a military force dispatched to fight in a foreign country. The term was particularly common in World War I and World War II. Military formations which have had Expeditionary Force in their title include:

  • American Expeditionary Forces
  • American North Russia Expeditionary Force
  • Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force
  • Brazilian Expeditionary Force
  • British Expeditionary Force (disambiguation)
  • Canadian Expeditionary Force
  • Chilean Expeditionary Force in War of the Pacific
  • Egyptian Expeditionary Force in Egypt, Sinai and Palestine Campaign
  • Greek Expeditionary Force to Korea
  • Indian Expeditionary Force
  • Italian Expeditionary Corps in Russia
  • Japanese Expeditionary Force to China
  • Mediterranean Expeditionary Force
  • New Zealand Expeditionary Force
    • Samoan Expeditionary Force from New Zealand in World War I
  • Ottoman Hejaz Expeditionary Force
  • Ottoman 1st Expeditionary Force
  • Ottoman 5th Expeditionary Force
  • Philippine Expeditionary Forces to Korea
  • Portuguese Expeditionary Corps
  • Russian Expeditionary Force in France

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Siege Of Van - Siege - Russian Relief, May
... After easily fighting off the initial assaults, Armenian forces had great problems with the supply of ammunition ... defense lines consisted of the X and XI Corps and the 5th Expeditionary Force at the north flank located beyond the province of Van ... as part of this Russian offensive, the Ottoman 1st Expeditionary Force and the Van Cavalry Brigade were pushed back from their initial positions by Russian and Armenian voluenteers advancing toward the city ...
British Army During The Victorian Era - The Cardwell and Childers Reforms (1868-1881) - Childers Reforms
... This created a force of 69 Line Infantry regiments (48 English, 10 Scottish, 8 Irish and 3 Welsh) each of two battalions ... into the regular regimental system, and the formal establishment of a reserve force ... purpose of the Cardwell and Childers Reforms was the creation of an expeditionary force capable of being despatched to a scene of war without affecting the security of Britain or the empire ...
Expeditionary Warfare - First World War
... that prolonged well past its completion into the 1920s saw expeditionary warfare established as a systematic and planned type of operations with larger scope than ... combine the elements of overall war planning context, multinational deployment of forces as part of the same operation, and use of troops prepared for the ... One of the most extensive and complex of expeditionary operations that followed the war was the Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War that saw forces deployed in the Baltic region, the Arctic region ...
Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force
... The Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force (also referred to as the Canadian Expeditionary Force (Siberia) or simply C.S.E.F.) was a Canadian military force ... Composed of 4,192 soldiers and authorised in August 1918, the force returned to Canada between April and June 1919 ... The force was commanded by Major General James H ...

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