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List Of Avalon Hill Games - Original Avalon Hill - S (AH)
... Spices of the World (1988) Squad Leader - WWII tactical combat (1977) Cross of Iron - expansion kit (1978) Crescendo of Doom - expansion kit (1979) GI Anvil of Victory - expansion kit (1982 ...
List Of Planets In The F-Zero Series - Games
... Grand Prix 1998 ... – – F-Zero X 1999 – 2000 – – F-Zero X Expansion Kit 2001 – – Maximum Velocity 2002 – 2003 – – F-Zero GX – F-Zero AX – GP Legend ... It was followed up by BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2, an expansion which featured brand new courses ... A Nintendo 64DD expansion, F-Zero X Expansion Kit, was released in Japan as the last add-on disk for the system ...
F-Zero X - Disk Drive Expansion
... The F-Zero X Expansion Kit, released in Japan on April 21, 2000, was the first add-on disk for the Nintendo 64DD ... The Kit will only operate in conjunction with the cartridge of the original game, however all of F-Zero X's regular features are accessible plus ... Since the Expansion Kit has a larger amount of storage than the original cartridge, it includes new soundtracks in stereophonic sound as well as the entire collection of monaural audio tracks from the original ...

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