Excited States

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Configuration Interaction
... of different electronic configurations (states) ... CI uses a variational wave function that is a linear combination of configuration state functions (CSFs) built from spin orbitals (denoted by the ... The eigenvalues are the energies of the ground and some electronically excited states ...
Collective Excitation - Overview - Relation To Many-body Quantum Mechanics
... factor is that the system as a whole, like any quantum system, has a ground state and various excited states with higher and higher energy above the ground state ... In many contexts, only the "low-lying" excited states, with energy reasonably close to the ground state, are relevant ... and collective excitations are a type of low-lying excited state ...
Semi-empirical Quantum Chemistry Method
... exist for the calculation of electronically excited states of polyenes, both cyclic and linear ... method (PPP), can provide good estimates of the π-electronic excited states, when parameterized well ... years, the PPP method outperformed ab initio excited state calculations ...
... in molecular systems in both ground and excited states ... particular, designed to study the potential surfaces of excited states ... Excited state energies for all wavefunctions, and excited optimized geometries from state averaged CASSCF wavefunctions ...

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