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List Of The King Of Braves Gao Gai Gar Antagonists - 11 Planetary Masters of Sol - Palparepa
... The first of the 11 Masters to appear before GGG, and Guy's counterpart in the Sol Masters ... Repli-jin version of Mamoru Anami and at one point implanted "Chemical Bolts" into Evoluder Guy to manipulate his behavior ... the mechanoid in an identical manner to that by which Guy controls GaoGaiGar, from a chamber of light within the Loud G-Stone on the right side of the ...
Mechanoid (Gao Gai Gar) - GGG and Green Planet Mechanoids - GaoFighGar
... Components GaoFar (Evoluder Guy + Phantom Gao) + DrillGao II + LinerGao II + StealthGao III Seen in GaoGaiGar FINAL ... on Earth by GGG, designed to complement the energies generated by Evoluder Guy with existing Ultra Technology to become "Evolual Ul-Tech power." The resulting Super Mechanoid (classified as a "Fighting ... As learned in the manga "FINAL.00 Evoluder Guy," the "Program Drive" section of its Final Fusion program was designed by the young genius girl (and former ...

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    We’ve got to figure these things a little bit different than most people. Y’know, there’s something about going out in a plane that beats any other way.... A guy that washes out at the controls of his own ship, well, he goes down doing the thing that he loved the best. It seems to me that that’s a very special way to die.
    Dalton Trumbo (1905–1976)