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Awards Programmes

"EU-KOREA AWARDS" To commemorate its twentieth anniversary in 2006, the EUCCK announced a new awards program to honor member companies and government authorities who have made a significant contribution to strengthening the relationship between EU and Korea. The event represented an important milestone for EUCCK in the overall strategy of raising the profile of the EU business community in Korea. The Awards will be an annual feature of the Chamber's activities, and EUCCK will also be looking at increasing the categories in the future. The "EU-KOREA AWARDS" will be presented, every year, to the most responsive, efficient and globalized government authorities and EU companies in Korea. As every foreign investor in Korea is aware, without adequate cooperation from the government authorities, it will be near to impossible to smoothly conduct operations here. Many times, the EU companies have been amazed at the efficiency and responsibility displayed by the respective government agencies. However, their contribution is hardly given adequate attention. In order to fill this gap and give credit where it is due, the EUCCK had initiated an annual awards program for government authorities.

The categories of awards for Government Authorities were:

1. GLOBALIZED PARTNER This award is presented to the Government authority/division, which is most global in its outlook. EU member companies who frequently interact with the government authorities and find them to be on par with international standards are identified and honoured.

2. EFFICIENT PARTNER In the day to day running of their business operations, EU companies often interact with various government authorities/divisions. Many times they are amazed at the level of efficiency that they encounter, and this award is to show our appreciation.

3. RESPONSIBLE PARTNER There are many times when the EU member companies have to partner with the government authorities. In such cases, the proactive behaviour and responsibility of the concerned authorities is quite appreciable and deserves to be highlighted.

4. LOCAL GOVERNMENT PARTNER The business-friendly policies of the local governments and their proactive role in helping foreign investors certainly deserve appreciation. This award is to show the local governments that EU investors are really thankful for the support.

Many EU companies have shown exemplary performance in their investment initiatives and social responsibilities, contributing immensely to the closer relationship between EU and Korea. To appreciate their contribution, EUCCK has initiated the following three categories of awards:

1. LEADING INVESTOR This award is presented to a company which has shown remarkable corporate behavior in terms of the quantum of investment made, technology brought into Korea and employment generation in 2006. The Awards Committee also takes into account the industry sector in which the company operates and the benefits it brings to the local economy.

2. SOCIAL BENEFACTOR A company that worked voluntarily towards the development of society during the year is presented this award. It has to demonstrate a clearly defined, measurable long term plan of social responsibility. The scope of work could be in areas like community development, empowerment of vulnerable groups, environmental preservation, education, family welfare, or promotion of arts, crafts and culture.

3. GREEN PIONEER With climate change taking utmost priority in countries around the world, this award is given to European companies which take active leadership in driving the ‘green agenda’ in Korea.

4. SME STAR The award is given to a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) which has shown agility in overcoming various difficulties and establishing a viable business in Korea in 2006. The potential for future growth is also be taken into account.

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