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Cyprus together with Malta joined the eurozone on 1 January 2008. On 3 December 2007, the Central Bank of Cyprus issued mini-starter packs and business kits, so the Cypriots would have enough euro cash before €-Day.

Forty thousand starter kits, worth €172 each, were available for businesses, but only 22.000 were sold. Since these starter kits contained rolled coins, the remaining kits could easily be used by the banks after €-day. Another 250,000 mini-kits, worth €17.09 (CYP 10) each, were available for the general public. Some 189,000 mini-kits were sold. According to the Eurobarometer survey, more than 70% of the citizens who had bought a mini-kit opened it and used the coins after the changeover while some 20% kept it untouched. As from the changeover, the unsold mini-kits have been exported to satisfy the demand of coin collectors abroad. Cypriot euro coins worth €3.5 million were exported in the first three weeks of January.

Cypriot Starter Kits Content
Starter Kit €2.00 €1.00 €0.50 €0.20 €0.10 €0.05 €0.02 € 0.01 Face Value Issue Date Quantity
Business Starter Kit 1 Roll (25 coins) 2 Rolls (50 coins) 2 Rolls (80 coins) 2 Rolls (80 coins) 2 Rolls (80 coins) 2 Rolls (100 coins) 2 Rolls (100 coins) 2 Rolls (100 coins) €172,00 03.12.2007 40,000
Public mini-Starter Kit 3 coins 5 coins 7 coins 8 coins 5 coins 6 coins 6 coins 7 coins €17,09 03.12.2007 250,000

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