Eugene III

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Pope Eugene III - Pontificate
... During nearly the whole of his pontificate, Eugene III was unable to reside in Rome ... Eugene III appealed for help to Tivoli, Italy, to other cities at feud with Rome, and to King Roger II of Sicily (who sent his general Robert of Selby), and with their aid ... great diet held at Speyer in 1146, Holy Roman Emperor Conrad III and many of his nobles were also incited to dedicate themselves to the crusade by the eloquence of Bernard ...
Theobald Of Bec - Archbishop - Disputes With Stephen
... Theobald was back in Paris in May 1147 to meet with the new pope, Eugene III among the issues probably discussed was Theobald's dispute with Bernard of St David's ... Relations at this time between Theobald and Stephen seem to have been good, but when Eugene summoned the English bishops to the Council of Rheims in April 1148 the king forbade ... Murdac was known to be close to his fellow Cistercian Eugene ...

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