Equus ( /ˈeɪkwəs/ or /ˈɛkwəs/; Latin for horse or steed) may refer to:

  • Equus (genus), a genus of animals including horses, donkeys, zebras and onagers
  • Equus (play), a play by Peter Shaffer
  • Equus (film), a film adaptation of the Peter Shaffer play
  • Equus (magazine), American monthly lifestyle magazine for horse enthusiasts
  • Equus (language), the body language expressed by horses; coined by Monty Roberts
  • Equus (comics), a comic book character; an opponent of Superman
  • Equus Computer Systems, a computer manufacturer and integrator based in Minnetonka, Minnesota
  • Hyundai Equus, Korean automobile model built by Hyundai Motor Company
  • "Equus" (piece), a composition for concert band by Eric Whitacre
  • "Equus" (song), a song by Blonde Redhead
  • "Equus" (song), a song by the Cherry Poppin' Daddies off their 1994 album Rapid City Muscle Car

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