Equivalence Principle

In the physics of general relativity, the equivalence principle is any of several related concepts dealing with the equivalence of gravitational and inertial mass, and to Albert Einstein's observation that the gravitational "force" as experienced locally while standing on a massive body (such as the Earth) is actually the same as the pseudo-force experienced by an observer in a non-inertial (accelerated) frame of reference.

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Eötvös Experiment
... different locations around the Earth, all of which demonstrated the same equivalence in mass (1922, torsion balance, 5×10−9 relative sensitivity) ... validate contemporary understanding of the equivalence principle encoded in general relativity (e.g, Einstein's elevator), which states that gravitational and inertial. 2012 Eötvös experiment sensitivity to Equivalence Principle violation was 5×10−14 difference/average ...
Testing of Alternatives To General Relativity - The Einstein Equivalence Principle (EEP)
... The first is the uniqueness of free fall, also known as the Weak Equivalence Principle (WEP) ... Metric theories satisfy the Einstein Equivalence Principle ... Gauge theory gravity is a notable exception, where the strong equivalence principle is essentially the minimal coupling of the gauge covariant derivative ...
History Of Special Relativity - Special Relativity - Relativistic Theories - Gravitation
... energy in the vicinity of matter, which would violate the energy principle ... In addition, all of those models violated the equivalence principle, and Einstein argued that it is impossible to formulate a theory which is both Lorentz-covariant and satisfies the equivalence principle ... relativity), which fulfills both the equivalence principle and general covariance ...
Equivalence Principle - Experiments
... experiment Satellite Test of the Equivalence Principle (STEP) MICROSCOPE Satellite Energy Exchange (SEE) "...Physicists in Germany have used an atomic interferometer to perform the most accurate ...

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