• (adj): Of or belonging to the family Equidae.
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Bishop Burton College
... and is the lead College in a tripartite Centre of Vocational Excellence in Equine ... Recently the colleges new library and Equine stadium was opened and visited by the Princess Royal in October 2008 ... to promote sporting excellence and will host the Chinese equine team in the run-up to and including the London 2012 Olympics ...
St Paul's College, Walla Walla - Programmes - Educational
... Some students take the opportunity to specialise in Equine or Agricultural Studies, which are two high profile areas of learning at St Paul’s ... who do not wish to gain employment in an agricultural field or have an interest in Equine sports ... The focus of the Equine studies programme is on the equestrian industry rather than the racing or breeding industries ...
Lameness (equine)
... disease and poor farrier work Diseases affecting connective tissue, such as Equine Exertional Rhabdomyolysis and HYPP Conformation defect leading to stress or injury, such as cow-hocked ... See also Category Equine injury and lameness ...
Muscular System Of The Horse - Equine Muscular Disorders
... Bowed tendon Compartment syndrome Equine Exertional Rhabdomyolysis (ER, "tying up") Equine polysaccharide storage myopathy (EPSM) or (PSSM) Glycogen Branching Enzyme Deficiency (GBED ...
Australian Equine And Livestock Events Centre
... The Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre (AELEC) is a multi building and arena complex that was designed for equine usage ... Tamworth is recognised as the "National Equine Capital of Australia" because of the high volume of equine events held in the city, the presence of several equine ...

More definitions of "equine":

  • (noun): Hoofed mammals having slender legs and a flat coat with a narrow mane along the back of the neck.
    Synonyms: equid
  • (adj): Resembling a horse.