Entitlement Theory

Entitlement theory is a theory of distributive justice and private property created by Robert Nozick in his book Anarchy, State, and Utopia. The theory is Nozick's attempt to describe "justice in holdings" (Nozick 1974:150) - or what can be said about and done with the property people own when viewed from a principle of justice.

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Entitlement Theory - Criticism
... In his later work, The Examined Life, Nozick reflects that entitlement theory's defense of people's holdings may have some problems, in that it could eventually lead to the vast majority of ...
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... Nozick's discussion of Rawls's theory of justice raises the dialogue between libertarianism and liberalism to an epic level ... The entitlement theory is sketched ... It comprises a theory of (1) justice in acquisition (2) justice in rectification if (1) is violated (rectification which might require apparently redistributive measures ...

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    A theory of the middle class: that it is not to be determined by its financial situation but rather by its relation to government. That is, one could shade down from an actual ruling or governing class to a class hopelessly out of relation to government, thinking of gov’t as beyond its control, of itself as wholly controlled by gov’t. Somewhere in between and in gradations is the group that has the sense that gov’t exists for it, and shapes its consciousness accordingly.
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