Enhanced Interrogation

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Human Rights In The United States - War On Terrorism - Inhumane Treatment and Torture of Captured Non-citizens - Enhanced Interrogation and Waterboarding
... See also Waterboarding and Enhanced interrogation techniques This section may be too long and excessively detailed ... John Yoo that described what sort of interrogation tactics against suspected terrorists or terrorist affiliates the Bush administration would consider legal, was "...prompted by CIA questions ... Vice President Dick Cheney's counsel, who discussed specific interrogation techniques," citing "a source familiar with the discussions." Amongst the methods they found acceptable was waterboarding ...
Enhanced Interrogation Techniques - Public Positions and Reactions - Comparison To The Gestapo Interrogation Method Called 'Verschärfte Vernehmung'
... has pointed out similarities between the Gestapo interrogation method called 'Verschärfte Vernehmung' and the US method of enhanced interrogation ... He asserts the first use of a term comparable to "enhanced interrogation" was a 1937 memo by Gestapo Chief Heinrich Müller coining the phrase "Verschärfte Vernehmung", German for "sharpened questioning", "i ... to describe torture-that-isn't-somehow-torture - "enhanced interrogation techniques" - is a term originally coined by the Nazis ...
Enhanced Interrogation Techniques
... Enhanced interrogation techniques or alternative set of procedures are phrases that describe a George W ... Bush administration authorization and use of certain severe interrogation methods including hypothermia, stress positions and waterboarding ... American and European officials have called "enhanced interrogation" a euphemism for torture ...

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