Energy Drink

An energy drink is a type of beverage which is purported to provide mental or physical stimulation. There are myriad brands and varieties of energy drinks. They generally contain large amounts of caffeine and other stimulants. Many also contain sugar or other sweeteners, herbal extracts and amino acids and may or may not be carbonated.

Coffee, tea and other naturally caffeinated beverages are usually not considered energy drinks. Soft drinks such as cola, may contain caffeine, but are also not energy drinks. Some alcoholic beverages, such as Four Loko, contain caffeine and other stimulants and are marketed as energy drinks, although such drinks are banned in some American states.

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Red Bull Gmb H - History
... He found that the energy drink Krating Daeng, developed by Chaleo's company during the 1970s, helped to ease his jet lag ... After seeing market potential in the drink, he partnered with Chaleo in bringing it to Europe ... In 1987, the company introduced their adapted energy drink into Austria under the name Red Bull ...
Mc2 Energy Drink
... MC2 Energy Drink (pronounced MC squared) is an energy drink which first appeared in the USA in 1998 ... The Company is an affiliate of MC2 Energy Drink Racing - a team appearing in the NASCAR Nationwide Series in the USA, and racing the No ...
Gladiator (energy Drink)
... Gladiator Energy Drink is a lucha libre-themed line of energy drink sodas first released in México in 2008 by The Coca-Cola Company ... In July of the same year, Gladiator Energy Drink is released in Dominican Republic and in 2009 is released in Brazil ...
Energy Drink - Variants - Anti-energy Drinks
... Several beverages have been marketed in the 2000s as "anti-energy", "chill out", or "relaxation" drinks, including Lava Cola, Slow Cow, Drank, iChill, Marley's Mellow Mood ...
Sports Nutrition - Supplements
... High energy supplements have shown to increase the performance of physical activity. 4.7% increase of performance in 83% of participants after drinking Red Bull Energy Drink which was more intense than the compared placebo ... The energy drink most dominantly increased the epinephrine and noreprinephrine (adrenaline and its precursor) levels and beta-endorphins in the blood ...

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    Anthony Trollope (1815–1882)

    The welfare, the happiness, the energy and spirit of the men and women who do the daily work ... is the underlying necessity of all prosperity.... There can be nothing wholesome unless their life is wholesome; there can be no contentment unless they are contented.
    Woodrow Wilson (1856–1924)