Encryption System

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Xtraview Encryption System
... Xtraview Video Encryption System refers to the now-defunct patented "encryption" system used on Xtraview and a number of other Top Up TV services, including Setanta Sports, Television X ... Unlike the other encryption system used by Top Up TV, Mediaguard, the Xtraview Video Encryption System was not a true encryption system ... Unlike traditional channel encryption methods, Xtraview did not require a viewing card ...
Pirate Decryption - SmartCard Piracy
... the smart card, exploited by computer hackers in order to gain complete access to the card's encryption system ... Once access has been gained to the smart card's encryption system, the hacker can perform changes to the card's internal information, which in turn tricks the conditional access system into believing that it ... do not even have to be from the same television provider, since many providers use similar encryption systems, or use cards which have the capacity to store information for decoding those ...
OpenCable - Digital Rights Management
... This would work much like DirecTV's encryption system ... When a crack of the current encryption system in use becomes widespread, a new card can be sent out to consumers and a new encryption system will be employed ... for the purpose of performing or managing the deployed conditional access (CA) systems, of which there are two primary types (1) integrated or embedded, and (2 ...

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