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Security Of Advanced Access Content System - History of Attacks
... do not constitute compromises of the AACS encryption itself, relying instead on an officially licensed software player to perform the decryption ... Both title keys and one of the keys used to decrypt them (known as Processing Keys in the AACS specifications) have been found by using debuggers to inspect the memory space ... Hackers also found Device Keys, which are used to calculate the Processing Key, and a Host Private Key (a key signed by the AACS LA used for hand-shaking ...
Proxy Re-encryption - Defining Functions
... Proxy re-encryption schemes are similar to traditional symmetric or asymmetric encryption schemes, with the addition of two functions Delegation ... This re-encryption key is used by the proxy as input to the re-encryption function, which is executed by the proxy to translate ciphertexts to the delegated user's key ... Asymmetric proxy re-encryption schemes come in bi-directional and uni-directional varieties ...
Digg - Criticism - AACS Encryption Key Controversy
... on Digg's homepage that contained the encryption key for the AACS digital rights management protection of HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc ... articles and comments being made using the encryption key ...

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