Emotional Infidelity

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David Buss - Sex Differences
... Another area that the two sexes seem to differ greatly is reactions to sexual and emotional infidelity ... Buss found that women were more jealous of emotional infidelity while men were more jealous of sexual infidelity ... Buss hypothesized that women find emotional infidelity more threatening because it could lead to the loss of resources she had gained in that mate and would have to raise ...
Evolutionary Psychologists - Major Areas of Research - Mating
... as sexual jealousy, (however, see also,) wherein females will react more aversively to emotional infidelity and males will react more aversively to sexual infidelity ... for losing those valued traits in a mate who commits an emotional infidelity ... This obstacle entails that sexual infidelity would be more aversive than emotional infidelity for a man because investing resources in another man's offspring does not lead to propagation of ...

Famous quotes containing the words infidelity and/or emotional:

    She represents the unavowed aspiration of the male human being, his potential infidelity—and infidelity of a very special kind, which would lead him to the opposite of his wife, to the “woman of wax” whom he could model at will, make and unmake in any way he wished, even unto death.
    Marguerite Duras (b. 1914)

    [How] the young . . . can grow from the primitive to the civilized, from emotional anarchy to the disciplined freedom of maturity without losing the joy of spontaneity and the peace of self-honesty is a problem of education that no school and no culture have ever solved.
    Leontine Young (20th century)