El Capitan (operetta) - Roles


  • Don Errico Medigua, recently appointed Viceroy of Peru (baritone)
  • Senor Amabile Pozzo, Chamberlain of Peru (tenor)
  • Don Luiz Cazarro, former Viceroy of Peru (bass)
  • Count Hernando Verrada, a Peruvian gentleman (tenor)
  • Scaramba, an insurgent (baritone)
  • Montalba, Scaramba's companion
  • Nevado, Scaramba's companion
  • General Herbana, commander of the Spanish Army in Peru
  • Estrelda, Cazarro's daughter (soprano)
  • Isabel, Don Medigua's daughter (soprano)
  • Princess Marghanza, Don Medigua's wife (mezzo-soprano)
  • Chorus of Spanish and Peruvian ladies and gentlemen; soldiers, etc.

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