El Último Matrimonio Feliz - Reception


Despite the previous promotional campaign for the telenovela not being as strong as previous telenovelas in its time slot as Fernando Gaitan's Hasta que la Plata nos Separe ('Til Money Do Us Apart), Pura Sangre (Pure Blood) or the newest RCN telenovela Novia Para Dos (A Girlfriend for Two Men) it reached quickly a high position in the most watched TV shows in Colombia keeping the audience from its leading Pura Sangre.

El Último Matrimonio Feliz (The Last Happy Marriage) is actually one of the most watched TV shows on RCN network. From its premier on January 21, 2008 to March 26, 2008 it was the second most watched TV show in Colombia just behind its leading: dramatic and suspense telenovela Pura Sangre (Pure Blood). After Pura Sangre's finale, El Último Matrimonio Feliz fell to the third position on most watched TV shows in Colombia, but instead became the most watched TV show on RCN prime time.

El Último Matrimonio Feliz' new leading Novia Para Dos (A Girlfriend for Two Men) has not reached the high ratings Pura Sangre had and the competitor channel's Caracol TV strategy splitting its most successful telenovela in years in two parts placing another telenovela between the two parts has led to El Último Matrimonio Feliz to lose its original position on most watched TV shows in Colombia.

Nevertheless, the reinforcement of the prime time schedule in RCN network in the first half of May 2008 with action-policial procedure-oriented telenovela Los Protegidos (The Protected) has made all the telenovelas in RCN network including El Último Matrimonio Feliz to get the highest positions in a role, so El Último Matrimonio Feliz usually is getting the first, second or third place in the top of most watched shows in Colombia.

The characters have been accepted extraordinarily well by the audience, not only women but men because of its very real thematic and the high grade of identification between the public and the characters. The quality of the story based on Colombian women's issues got a very much better reception than adapted version of Desperate Housewives (Amas de Casas Desesperadas) previously broadcast on the same time slot which became sort of a mistake for RCN network.

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