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Sudanese Refugees In Egypt - Legal Status and Conflicts
... signatory to both the 1951 Refugee Convention and the OAU Refugee Convention, the Egyptian government’s lack of implementation and numerous conditions ... Because of the Egyptian government’s unwilling to implement the appropriate procedures for refugee status determination due to institutional and financial, as well as political reasons, United ... Sudanese would indirectly censure the Sudanese government ...
Hassaballah El Kafrawy
... held a number of ministerial portfolios in the government of the Arab Republic of Egypt, including Development, Reconstruction, Housing, New Communities, Public Utilities and Land Reclamation ... Moreover, he was recognized in 1964 by both the Egyptian and Soviet Union ... He was awarded the Order of Merit (First Class) of the Egyptian Government as well as the Order of the Red Flag for Labor of the Soviet Government ...
Cairo–Alexandria Desert Road - History
... In 1959, The Egyptian government has planned to cover the road with asphalt layers to enhance it ... In 1971, The Egyptian government extended the road to be 9 meters wide ... In 1981, The Egyptian government progressed the road and made it with two directions ...
Cairo Demographic Center
... (CDC) is an educational and research institute, jointly established by the United Nations and the Egyptian Government in 1963 ... was issued, stating that the Center be an independent institution sponsored and financed by the Egyptian Government ... In January 1992, the Egyptian Government took full responsibility for the Center ...
LGBT Rights In Egypt - Criminal Laws
... In 2000, police arrested an Egyptian gay couple and charged them with, "violation of honor by threat" and "practicing immoral and indecent behavior" ... public figures to view homosexuality as a product of Western decadence and demand that the government execute homosexuals or send them to mental institutions to be ... Within a year, the Egyptian government began a public crackdown on Egyptian gay men by raiding private parties, arresting the guests and charging them with various laws, including violating the "Public Order ...

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    During the first formative centuries of its existence, Christianity was separated from and indeed antagonistic to the state, with which it only later became involved. From the lifetime of its founder, Islam was the state, and the identity of religion and government is indelibly stamped on the memories and awareness of the faithful from their own sacred writings, history, and experience.
    Bernard Lewis, U.S. Middle Eastern specialist. Islam and the West, ch. 8, Oxford University Press (1993)

    ...the Hebrew women are not like the Egyptian women; for they are vigorous and give birth before the midwife comes to them.
    Bible: Hebrew, Exodus 1:19.

    Egyptian midwives to Pharaoh.