Egg Laying

  • (noun): The production of eggs (especially in birds).
    Synonyms: laying

Some articles on eggs, egg, egg laying, laying:

Murgh - Farming - Reared For Eggs
... Chickens farmed for eggs are called egg-laying hens ... In total, the UK alone consumes over 29 million eggs per day ... Some hen breeds can produce over 300 eggs per year, with "the highest authenticated rate of egg laying being 371 eggs in 364 days" ...
Ferruginous Hawk - Behavior - Reproduction and Life History
... The egg-laying period varies with latitude, weather, and possibly food supply ... In the Canadian parts of the range, laying occurs from the latter part of April through late June, whereas farther south laying occurs from about March 20 ... The earliest recorded clutch was in January in Utah and laying could occur as late as July 3 in Canada ...
Haematobia Irritans - Egg Laying, Habitat and Feeding
... The horn fly lays eggs in fresh cow manure, and the female is known to lay her eggs in the feces before the cow has even completed defecation ... herd for life, with the female only leaving to lay her eggs ...
Circulus (zoology) - Behaviours
... social group will often stand by a female laying eggs or retrieving young from a nest to keep predators away ... forest tortoise (Manouria emys) has been reported to guard a nest site for a short period after egg laying but this instinct is very short lived ... parental attention of reptiles appears equal in circulus containing egg-laying reptiles compared to those with live bearing reptiles ...

Famous quotes containing the words laying and/or egg:

    The laying of fish on the embers,
    the taste of the fish,
    the feel of the texture of bread,
    the round and the half-loaf,
    the grain of a petal,
    the rain-bow and the rain.
    Hilda Doolittle (1886–1961)

    Better half an egg than an empty eggshell.
    —Estonian. Trans. by Ilse Lehiste (1993)