EDI may refer to:

  • UCL Eastman Dental Institute, a dental school in London, United Kingdom forming part of University College London
  • Efficient Drivetrains Inc
  • Electronic Data Interchange, a particular set of standards for computer-to-computer exchange of information
  • EDI register, Extended Destination Index register in the x86 microprocessor architecture
  • Edinburgh Airport, IATA code
  • Entrepreneurship Development Institute, a non-profit organisation in India
  • Environmental Dynamics Inc., an aeration system manufacturer and installer.
  • Economic Development Institute, a previous name of the World Bank Institute
  • Eating Disorder Inventory, a self-report questionnaire used to assess the presence of eating disorders
  • Electrodeionization, a water purification process
  • E.D.I. Mean American rap artist
  • Downer EDi, an Australian company
  • Emergency Doorway Identifiers
  • EDI, the Normandy SR-2's onboard artificial intelligence program in Mass Effect

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Education For All Development Index
... Action, UNESCO has developed the Education for All Development Index (EDI) ... The EDI measures four of the six EFA goals, selected on the basis of data availability ... The EDI value for a given country is thus the arithmetic mean of the four indicators ...
Jean-Claude Rodet - Bibliography
... Enciclopédia da Nutriterapia Familiar, Volume 1, Edição Sinais de Fogo (Lisbon, Portugal), 2008 ... (Portuguese) Pequena Enciclopédia da Nutriterapia Familiar, Volume 2, Edição Sinais de Fogo (Lisbon, Portugal), 2008 ... (Portuguese) Agricultura Biológica, Uma opção inteligente, Edição Luís Filipe de Freitas (Lisbon, Portugal), 2005 ...
Luzius Rüedi
... Luzius Rüedi (12 June 1900 – 19 July 1993) was a Swiss ice hockey player who won a bronze medal in the 1928 Winter Olympics ... Rüedi was a member of the Swiss ice hockey team, which won the bronze medal ...
Andrew A. Frank - PHEV Commercialization
... and transmission systems developed at UC Davis have been licensed to Efficient Drivetrains Inc (EDI) of Palo Alto in Silicon Valley ... Frank is currently CTO of Efficient Drivetrains Inc (EDI) and is continuing the exploration of advanced technology in PHEV systems which have the goal of transitioning seamlessly to an all renewable Electric society ... EDI is currently exploring projects world wide with an emphasis on China since the Chinese have long range plans for transitioning off of fossil fuels to renewable ...
... offerings include the following Athena, a Web-based, online e-commerce/EDI application ... maps between any of the following formats EDI, XML, flat files, database tables, and text formats such as HTML ... EDI Notepad, a free EDI viewing and editing application that can be downloaded from Liaison's Web site ...