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Lunar Node
... Eclipses occur only near the lunar nodes Solar eclipses occur when the passage of the Moon through a node coincides with the new moon lunar eclipses occur when passage coincides with ... A lunar eclipse may occur if there is a full moon within 11° 38' (Celestial Longitude), of a node, and a solar eclipse may occur if there is a new moon ...
Himanshu - Relationship To Earth - Eclipses
... Main articles Solar eclipse, Lunar eclipse, and Eclipse cycle The Moon passing in front of the Sun, from the STEREO-B spacecraft ... Eclipses can only occur when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are all in a straight line (termed "syzygy") ... Solar eclipses occur at new moon, when the Moon is between the Sun and Earth ...
Eclipse Cycles
... This table summarizes the characteristics of various eclipse cycles, and can be computed from the numerical results of the preceding paragraphs cf ... days synodic months draconic months anomalistic months eclipse years tropical years fortnight (38i – 61s)/2 14.77 0.5 0.543 0.536 0.043 0.040 synodic month 38i – 61s 29.53 1 1.085 1.072 0.085 0.081 pentalunex -33i ... When there is an eclipse, there is a fair chance that at the next syzygy there will be another eclipse the Sun and Moon will have moved about 15° with ...

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