Eastern Anatolia

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Provinces Of Turkey - List of Provinces
02 Adıyaman 7,572 588,475 78 Adıyaman 178,538 Southeastern Anatolia 03 Afyonkarahisar 14,532 701,326 48 Afyon 128,516 Aegean 04 Ağrı 11,315 537,665 48 Ağr ...
Timeline Of Turkish History - 13th Century
... Saltukid realm (Erzurum, and the surrounding territory, Eastern Anatolia.) Georgian army defeats Süleyman II at the Battle of Micingerd 1204 Kılıç Arslan III (1204–12 ... Mongol conquests in Iran result in a flux of refuges to Anatolia, one of the refuges is Mevlana Alaaddin Keykubat I annexes Mengucek realm (Erzincan and the surrounding territory), Eastern Anatolia ... A revolt of Turkmen (Oguz) and Harzem refuges who have recently arrived in Anatolia ...
History of The Shamlu Tribe - Safavid Era
... leadership in close touch with its murids in Azerbaijan, Iraq, eastern Anatolia, and elsewhere ... Their presence in eastern Anatolia posed a serious threat to the Ottomans, because they encouraged the Shi'ite population of Asia Minor to revolt. 7,000 supporters from the local Turcoman tribes of Anatolia, Syria, and Iraq - collectively called "Kizilbash" by their enemies - rallied to his support ...
Names Of Anatolia - History - Antiquity
... Neolithic Anatolia has been proposed as the homeland of the Indo-European language family, although linguists tend to favour a later origin in the steppes north of the Black Sea ... Anatolian languages had been present in Anatolia since at least the 19th century BC ... Eastern Anatolia contains the oldest monumental structures in the world ...

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