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Spaceguard - History
... was later adopted by a number of real life efforts to discover and study near-Earth objects ... Survey Report" which led to a mandate that NASA locate 90% of large near-Earth asteroids within 10 years ... to Jupiter in July 1994 created a greater perception of importance to the detection of near Earth objects ...
Campo Imperatore Near-Earth Object Survey
... The CINEOS program (Campo Imperatore Near Earth Object Survey), started in 2001, is dedicated to the discovery and follow-up of Near Earth objects, namely asteroids and comets which periodically ... is addressed to the discovery of Atens and Inner Earth Objects (IEOs) by extending survey coverage at small solar elongations, and to the discovery of the ... positions and discovered almost 1500 new objects, including 6 NEOs and one Centaur (planetoid) ...
Asteroid Impact Avoidance - Deflection Efforts - History of Government Mandates
... to discover, verify and provide follow-up observations for Earth-crossing asteroids ... This survey was expected to discover 90% of these objects larger than one kilometer within 25 years ... NASA report recommended search surveys that would discover 60-70% of short-period, near-Earth objects larger than one kilometer within ten years and obtain 90% completeness ...
Mission Characteristic Velocity - Budget - Near Earth Objects
... Near earth objects are asteroids that are within the orbit of Mars ... usually quite small, sometimes as low as 60 m/s, using aerobraking in Earth's atmosphere ... However, the delta-v to reach near earth objects is usually higher, over 3.8 km/s, which is still less than the delta-v to reach the moon's surface ...

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