Early Cholas

The Early Cholas of the pre and post Sangam period (300 BCE – 200 CE) were one of the three main kingdoms of the ancient Tamil country. Their early capitals were Urayur and Kaveripattinam. Along with Pandyas and Cheras, Chola history goes back to the period where the history is covered with the mists of time.

Although we hear the exploits of a number of Cholas of this period through Sangam literature and later folklore, it is hard to elucidate exact histories with any amount of certainty.

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Chola Kingdom - History - Early Cholas
... The earliest Chola kings for whom there is tangible evidence are mentioned in the Sangam literature ... also records legends about mythical Chola kings ... These myths speak of the Chola king Kantaman, a supposed contemporary of the sage Agastya, whose devotion brought the river Kaveri into existence ...
Early Cholas - Social Conditions
... of the social and economic conditions during the early chola period ... gave his own flesh to save a dove, as a Chola is obviously influenced by northern legends ... The land of the Cholas was fertile and there was ample food ...

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