• (noun): First woman aviator to fly solo nonstop across the Atlantic (1928); while attempting to fly around the world she disappeared over the Pacific (1898-1937).
    Synonyms: Amelia Earhart

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Last Flight (book)
... of diary entries and other notes compiled by aviatrix Amelia Earhart during her ill-fated attempt that year at flying around the world ... Consisting of hand-written diary entries, Earhart's writings cover the period from March 1937 up until her final entry on July 1, the day before her plane was reported missing en route to Howland Island in the ... written by Putnam, as well as a poem, "Courage", which Earhart had herself written ...
Linda Finch - World Flight 1997
... is that she had faithfully recreated the ill-fated last flight of Amelia Earhart ... To fulfill Amelia Earhart's dream, the recreation of the 1937 around-the-world flight of Earhart was known as "World Flight 1997." Finch’s flight marked the 60th anniversary of Earhart's failed effort as well as ... History records that Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, the first woman to fly nonstop across the United States and first woman to fly from Hawaii to the west coast of California ...
Amelia (film) - Production - Writing
... and Gateway founder Ted Waitt, who has funded expeditions to search for Earhart's aircraft, and was prepared to finance the film himself ... Bass used research from books on Earhart such as biographies by Susan Butler, East to the Dawn and Mary S ... Lovell's The Sound of the Wings as well as Elgen and Mary Long's Amelia Earhart The Mystery Solved ...
Michael Pearce (artist) - Portraits
... a curious relationship with the aviator Amelia Earhart who appeared as the subject of several alchemical paintings ... He believes that Earhart perfectly represents the element of air "as a modern Icarus" and he has painted her as an angelic character and alchemical queen ... In these roles Earhart acts to transform other characters in Pearce's romantic allegorical narratives ...
Linda Finch - World Flight 1997 - Preparations
... Finch came up with the idea of recreating Earhart's flight in 1994 when she found the remains of one of only two flight-worthy Electra 10Es in existence ... and built the original Wasp radial engines that powered Amelia Earhart's Electra ... with modern navigation and communication equipment whereas Earhart's had primitive radio communications by today's standards ...

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    Women must try to do things as men have tried. When they fail their failure must be but a challenge to others.
    —Amelia Earhart (1897–1937)

    The woman who can create her own job is the woman who will win fame and fortune.
    —Amelia Earhart (1897–1937)