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Muzzle Brake - Utility - Disadvantages - Noise
... Active ear muffs are available with electronic noise cancellation that can reduce direct path ear canal noise by approximately 17–33 dB, depending on the low ... Passive ear plugs vary in their measured attenuation, ranging from 20 dB to 30 dB, depending on whether they are properly used ... Using both ear muffs (whether passive or active) and ear plugs simultaneously results in maximum protection, but the efficacy of such combined protection relative to preventing permanent ear damage is inconclusive ...
Stretching (body Piercing) - Jewelery For Stretched Piercings
... than metals or plastics, preventing the buildup of sebum in the enlarged ear lobe ... jewelry worn in a large stretched piercing is a plug ... Ear-weights in varying degrees of size are also worn, commonly made from silver or bronze, though other metals such as copper or brass are occasionally used ...

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