Dynamic Range

Dynamic range, abbreviated DR or DNR, is the ratio between the largest and smallest possible values of a changeable quantity, such as in signals like sound and light. It is measured as a ratio, or as a base-10 (decibel) or base-2 (doublings, bits or stops) logarithmic value.

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Audio Bit Depth - Digital Audio - 24-bit Quantization
... It is argued by some that the dynamic range presented by 16-bit is sufficient to store the dynamic range present in almost all music ... applications such as film soundtracks, where there is often a very wide dynamic range between whispered conversations and explosions) ... Some modern audio editors convert incoming audio to 32-bit (both for an increased dynamic range to reduce clipping, and to minimize noise in intermediate stages of filtering) ...
... device that is inserted between the antenna and the receiver, limiting the range of frequencies that can be applied to it ... the front of the receivers, conformed by the RF power amplifiers and mixer, have a limited dynamic range ... Dynamic range is defined as the amount of RF energy those circuits can handle without overloading ...
Dynamic Range - Examples of Usage - Photography
... Photographers use "dynamic range" for the luminance range of a scene being photographed, or the limits of luminance range that a given digital camera or film can capture, or the opacity range of developed ... neutral density filters are used to decrease the dynamic range of scene luminance that can be captured on photographic film (or on the image sensor of a ... Though this doesn't increase the fixed dynamic range available at the film or sensor, it stretches usable dynamic range in practice ...
Audio Quality Measurement - Measurable Performance - Analog Electrical
... Frequency response (Fs) This measurement tells you over what frequency range output level for an audio component will remain reasonably constant (either within a specified decibel ... By comparison, Frequency range is a term sometimes used of loudspeakers and other transducers to indicate the frequencies that are usable, without normally specifying a decibel range ... bandwidth is also related to frequency response - indicating the range of frequencies usable at high power (since frequency response measurements are normally taken at low ...
Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry - Detectors
... can be extremely fast (down to a few picosecond resolution), but its dynamic range is limited due to its inability to properly count the events when more than one ions ... The outcome of limited dynamic range is that the number of ions detected in one spectrum is somewhat small ... This problem of limited dynamic range can be alleviated using multichannel detector design an array of mini-anodes attached to a common MCP stack and multiple TDC, where each TDC records signals from ...

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