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... is a Dutch bank group, consisting of ABN AMRO Netherlands, ABN AMRO Private Banking, the International Diamond and Jewelry Group, and Fortis Bank Netherlands ... The group was formed after the Dutch government nationalised the Dutch part of Fortis on October 3, 2008 to prevent the bank and insurer succumbing to the ... When the group was formed, the Dutch government had a 97.8% stake in Fortis Bank Netherlands Holding NV, a 100% stake in Fortis Insurance Netherlands NV, and a 33.8% stake in RFS ...
Fortis Carbon Banking Services - Governments Step In - Divestment of Dutch Assets
3, in a press conference (at 18.00h), broadcast live on television, the Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, Dutch Minister of Finance Wouter Bos and ... The Dutch government would become holder of Fortis Bank Nederland, Fortis Verzekeringen Nederland and Fortis Corporate Insurance, as well as the retail activities of ABN ... At the same time the Luxembourg government SS Trust has increased its control of its part to 52% ...
Battle Of The Grebbeberg - Background
... In the 1930s, the Dutch government pursued a policy of strict neutrality ... After World War I, the Dutch parliament supported a disarmament policy because it was generally thought that World War I had been "the war to end all wars" ... of Nazi Germany became more apparent the Dutch government decided to reinforce and retrain their Armed Forces ...
Christianity In Indonesia - History - Papua
... and were subsequently granted a monthly stipend by the Dutch government ... Christian Javanese to train the Papuans, and were given 5,000 guilders by the Dutch and two Christian Javanese tobacco farmers ... The Dutch administrators perceived the missionaries activities as a cut-price means of colonisation, while the missionaries themselves made profits from ...
Dutch Cross Of Resistance
... was liberated in May 1945, the Dutch government in London already had a good and balanced system of both military and civilian honours ... There was no decoration for Dutch resistance fighters, however ... The Dutch government tried to introduce such an honour, following the examples by neighbouring countries, but for many months no agreement could be found to either ...

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    There are obvious places in which government can narrow the chasm between haves and have-nots. One is the public schools, which have been seen as the great leveler, the authentic melting pot. That, today, is nonsense. In his scathing study of the nation’s public school system entitled “Savage Inequalities,” Jonathan Kozol made manifest the truth: that we have a system that discriminates against the poor in everything from class size to curriculum.
    Anna Quindlen (b. 1952)

    ‘Tis probable Religion after this
    Came next in order; which they could not miss.
    How could the Dutch but be converted, when
    The Apostles were so many fishermen?
    Besides the waters of themselves did rise,
    And, as their land, so them did re-baptize.
    Andrew Marvell (1621–1678)