Dust Particles

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Nebular Hypothesis - Formation of Stars and Protoplanetary Disks - Protoplanetary Disks
... close to its center, forming 0.1–1 μm dust grains that contain crystalline silicates ... material from the outer disk can mix these newly formed dust grains with primordial ones, which contain organic matter and other volatiles ... Dust particles tend to stick to each other in the dense disk environment, leading to the formation of larger particles up to several centimeters in size ...
Lunar Soil - Moon Dust Fountains and Electrostatic Levitation
... evidence that the Moon may have a tenuous atmosphere of moving dust particles constantly leaping up from and falling back to the Moon's surface ... Positive charges build up until the tiniest particles of lunar dust (measuring 1 micrometre and smaller) are repelled from the surface and lofted anywhere from metres ... On the night side, the dust is negatively charged by electrons in the solar wind ...
Optoelectric Nuclear Battery
... in a gas or liquid containing luminescent gas molecules of the excimer type, constituting a "dust plasma." This permits a nearly lossless emission of beta electrons from the emitting dust particles ... The diameter of the dust particles is so small (a few micrometers) that the electrons from the beta decay leave the dust particles nearly without loss ...
Cassini–Huygens - Instruments
... a composite infrared spectrometer, a cosmic dust analyzer, a radio and plasma wave experiment, a plasma spectrometer, an ultraviolet imaging spectrograph, a magnetospheric imaging instrument, a ... The CAPS is a direct sensing instrument that measures the energy and electrical charge of particles that the instrument encounters, (the number of ... Cosmic Dust Analyzer (CDA) The CDA is a direct sensing instrument that measures the size, speed, and direction of tiny dust grains near Saturn ...
Cosmic Dust - Detection Methods
... Cosmic dust can be detected by indirect methods utilizing the radiative properties of cosmic dust ... Cosmic dust can also be detected directly ('in-situ') using a variety of collection methods and from a variety of collection locations ... The Earth-falling dust particles are collected in the Earth's atmosphere using plate collectors under the wings of stratospheric-flying NASA airplanes and collected from surface deposits on the large ...

Famous quotes containing the words particles and/or dust:

    When was it that the particles became
    The whole man, that tempers and beliefs became
    Temper and belief and that differences lost
    Difference and were one? It had to be
    In the presence of a solitude of the self....
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)

    If, as they say, some dust thrown in my eyes
    Will keep my talk from getting overwise,
    I’m not the one for putting off the proof.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)