Duan Ye

Duan Ye (simplified Chinese: 段业; traditional Chinese: 段業; pinyin: Duàn Yè) (died 401) was the first prince of the Chinese state Northern Liang. He was of Han ethnicity, and was originally a commandery governor of Later Liang, but after Xiongnu generals Juqu Mengxun and Juqu Nancheng (沮渠男成) rebelled against Later Liang, Juqu Nancheng persuaded Duan Ye to accept the leadership role of the rebellion. During his reign, the Juqus were powerful, and eventually, in 401, after Duan Ye was tricked by Juqu Mengxun into falsely executing Juqu Nancheng, Juqu Mengxun used this as the excuse to start a coup against Duan Ye, killing him and replacing him as prince. Duan Ye was described as a kind but weak ruler who was unable to keep his subjects in check, and who overly trusted witchcraft and magic.

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