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Metal Oxides

Arthur Sleight led a team focused on perovskites, such as the K-Bi-Pb-O system, that laid the groundwork for subsequent breakthroughs in high-temperature superconductors. In solution phase chemistry of oxides, the work of Walter Knoth on organic soluble polyoxoanions led to the development of the now large area with numerous applications in oxidation catalysis.

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... CO2 is exothermically reacted with available metal oxides, which in turn produces stable carbonates ... The following table lists principal metal oxides of Earth's Crust ... Earthen Oxide Percent of Crust Carbonate Enthalpy change (kJ/mol) SiO2 59.71 Al2O3 15.41 CaO 4.90 CaCO3 -179 MgO 4.36 MgCO3 -117 Na2O 3.55 Na2CO3 FeO 3.52 FeCO3 K2O 2.80 K2CO3 ...

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