Drop Punt

Drop Punt

The punt kick is a common style of kicking in football games. It is a kick where the ball is dropped from the players' hands and kicked before the ball hits the ground. It is used in many football codes. It is the primary means of moving the ball around in Australian rules football and is also used tactically in American and Canadian football, rugby league and rugby union. Goalkeepers in association football also execute punt kicks as an option for playing the ball up-field.

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... In a drop punt the ball is held vertically, and dropped and kicked before it hits the ground, resulting in the ball spinning backwards end over end ... It is considered more accurate and easier to mark than a regular punt kick, which is held flat and does not spin in the air ... In Gridiron football it is referred to as a pooch punt or quick kick, a kick used by punters when the team is too far out for a field goal and too close to kick a normal punt because the ball will probably go into ...
Drop Punt - Types of Punt Kicks - Checkside Punt
... Also known as a 'banana kick', the checkside punt is a kicking style used in Australian rules football, rugby league amd rugby union ...

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