Driving (horse)

Driving (horse)

Driving, when applied to horses, ponies, mules, or donkeys, is a broad term for hitching equines to a wagon, carriage, cart, sleigh, or other horse-drawn vehicle by means of a harness and working them in this way. It encompasses a wide range of activities from pleasure driving, to harness racing, to farm work, horse shows, and even International combined driving competition sanctioned by the FEI. The term in harness often is used to describe a horse being driven.

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Driving (horse) - History
... See also Domestication of the horse Chariot, and Horsecollar While there is some anthropological evidence that horseswere ridden before they were driven, the most unequivocal evidence of domestication and use ... However, shortly thereafter, the expansion of the domestic horsethroughout Europe was little short of explosive ... In the space of possibly 500 years, there is evidence of horsedrawn chariots in Greece, Egypt, and Mesopotamia ...

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    It is not only prayer that gives God glory but work. Smiting on an anvil, sawing a beam, whitewashing a wall, driving horses, sweeping, scouring, everything gives God some glory if being in his grace you do it as your duty.
    Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844–1889)