Drawn Thread Work

Drawn thread work is a form of counted-thread embroidery based on removing threads from the warp and/or the weft of a piece of even-weave fabric. The remaining threads are grouped or bundled together into a variety of patterns. The more elaborate styles of drawn thread work use in fact a variety of other stitches and techniques, but the drawn thread parts are their most distinctive element. It is also grouped as whitework embroidery because it was traditionally done in white thread on white fabric and is often combined with other whitework techniques.

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... lace is a form of embroidery in which typical techniques of needlelace are used to embellish drawn thread work ... High quality reticella is done with thread almost as thin as sewing silk ... Warp and weft threads are removed, and the remaining threads are overcast with buttonhole stitches, as in needlelace ...

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