Draft Evasion

Draft evasion is an intentional decision not to comply with the military conscription policies of one's nation. Such practices that do not involve law breaking or which are based on conscientious objection are sometimes referred to as "draft avoidance." Refusing to submit the draft is considered a criminal offence in most countries where conscription is in effect.

Those who practice draft evasion are sometimes pejoratively referred to as "draft dodgers," a term which was made popular during the Vietnam War.

Draft evasion is distinct from desertion in that only an active member of a military service can become a deserter by absenting himself from military service without receiving a valid leave of absence or discharge and without any intention of returning to the service.

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... the Vietnam War, only 30,000 of the 210,000 Americans accused of dodging the draft left the country ... A total of 30,000 deserters and draft evaders combined went to Canada ... Draft evasion was not a criminal offense under Canadian law ...

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