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The Scarecrow appears in nine video games: Game Boy's Batman: The Animated Series, Super Nintendo and Mega Drive/Genesis's The Adventures of Batman & Robin, Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu, Batman Begins (a tie-in to the 2005 movie, voiced by Cillian Murphy), Lego Batman: The Videogame, Batman: Arkham Asylum, "Batman: Arkham City" Batman: The Brave and the Bold – The Videogame, DC Universe Online and plays a brief boss in Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes.

  • The Scarecrow appears in Lego Batman: The Videogame with his vocal effects by Dave Wittenberg. He is seen working for Joker. He has only one special ability: mind control, with which he can make guards open doors. He also sprays his fear gas which petrifies his victims; however, it only works at close range. In addition he makes full use of his "violent dancing" martial arts skills in unarmed combat. He owns a biplane which fires scare-gas torpedoes, and makes him a vehicle boss in the game.
  • The Scarecrow appears as a recurring boss in Batman: Arkham Asylum voiced by Dino Andrade. Crane was not initially revealed as part of the cast of the game, with his appearance meant to surprise players. He has several fluorescent orange hypodermic needles strapped to the fingers of his right hand which he uses to inject his fear toxin, and wears a hood over his scarecrow mask, which has gas mask tubes protruding from the cheeks, and a hangman's noose around his mask. Other than that, his costume is a pair of tattered pants, revealing his skinny figure. In the game he appears several times, flooding parts of Arkham Asylum with his fear toxin, causing Batman to suffer hallucinations, some depending on the situation in the game, followed by a surreal obstacle course where Batman attempts to evade a giant Scarecrow's gaze before breaking free from the hallucination. Scarecrow first appears in the medical building flooding the elevator with fear gas, and has inmates in rooms filled with fear gas for testing. Apparently, Scarecrow is holding Commissioner Gordon hostage, killing him a short distance from the morgue. When Batman enters the morgue, the cabinets begin to move on their own, and Batman leaves only to enter the same morgue, encountering the corpses of his pleading mother, begging to be saved, and disapproving father. A thid body bag contains Scarecrow himself, scaring Batman enough to collapse briefly. Batman then goes on an obstacle course before shining a Bat-Signal on a giant Scarecrow to defeat him. After he is defeated it is revealed that Gordon is not dead, the fear gas caused Batman to see Gordon's body instead of a dead guard. Scarecrow reappears, releasing his fear gas through the Arkham library vents, infecting Batman with his poison once more to keep him from rescuing the captive Dr. Young. This time, Batman is forced to relive the murder of his parents; the hallway slowly becomes crime alley as he progress. Another obstacle course follows, which proves easy as the last so long as Batman avoids Scarecrow's gaze. In his final appearance, trying to stop Batman from entering Killer Croc's lair, the game appears to suffer a glitch, only for another of Scarecrow's hallucinations to begin, implying that Crane is messing with the player's head as well. This parodies the start of the game, with Batman being escorted into Arkham Asylum by Joker, with Harley Quinn and Victor Zsasz acting as guards, and Crane himself as a doctor. This third nightmare plays on Batman fear of his own failure, shown by the fact his rogue's gallery appear to be in complete control of Arkham Asylum and possibly Gotham, several supporting protagonists (Commissioner Gordon, Dr. Young) being escorted into the asylum, and Scarecrow displays knowledge of Batman's secret identity, even addressing him as Wayne and commenting on his parent's murder. The Joker then kills Batman in which when the game over screen appears, it states Batman should "move the middle stick" to avoid the Joker's shot, however this is scripted as well as there being no "middle stick" on a standard controller, when the player presses restart (or quits), Batman bursts out of his grave and begins a third obstacle course while listening to Scarface, the new warden, talk about Arkham Asylum, which, in the dream, is described as a "pioneering slaughterhouse". They are forced to fight skeletons (which are actualy the goons and few TITAN-enhanced henchmen), until Scarecrow becomes frightened of Batman being able to stay relatively unaffected by the gas after being injected "with enough toxin to drive ten men insane." After Batman reaches Killer Croc's lair, Scarecrow reveals that he intends to dump his most potent fear gas into Gotham's water supply. However, Croc emerges from the water, thinking Scarecrow was a guard. He was about to be eaten by him, but Batman shocked him with his electric collar, forcing Killer Croc to retreat into the water and dragging Scarecrow in with him. In one of the three post-credits endings, Scarecrow's hand is seen emerging from the water grabbing onto a box that contains the Titan chemicals. On his tapes, he is shown to have taken his therapist hostage, though he is rescued by guards. His therapist explains on his tapes his belief that Crane is perfectly sane, just evil, as he has shown no sympathy for those he has hurt and noted that Scarecrow's research appears to be the only motivating factor in his life. Later on, Scarecrow floods the asylum with his fear gas and manages to subdue his guards and psychologist, though he is once again stopped by Batman, who had been creating an antidote to Scarecrow's newest strain of fear toxin. Two of Scarecrow's previous doctors named Dr. Murphy and Dr. Combs, are likely references to actors who have portrayed Scarecrow in the past (Cillian Murphy in the Christopher Nolan Trilogy, and Jeffery Combs in The New Batman Adventures). Scarecrow's appearance received wide praise for his surreal and bizarre dream sequences and was ranked by IGN as the 38 Greatest Moment in Gaming.
  • The Scarecrow is a boss in the Nintendo DS version of Batman: The Brave and the Bold – The Videogame.
  • The Scarecrow appears in DC Universe Online, voiced by Christopher S. Field.
  • While Scarecrow does not reappear in Batman: Arkham City, there are numerous indicators that Crane survived being attacked by Killer Croc. His mask can be found in the industrial sector (the bridge right outside Joker's territory), revealing Batman had been investigating if the Scarecrow was alive for months, to no avail, though he does not believe that Scarecrow is dead, merely planning his revenge on Gotham in hiding. When Croc himself is confronted, he gives no indication if he actually murdered Crane on Arkham Island, and the grunt population of Arkham City are split on the matter, with some believing he was actually killed while some claim Scarecrow is haunting their nightmares. Barbara Gordon speculates Crane may be alive and manipulating Batman to become the "Identity Thief", while the Joker also comments Scarecrow had survived the previous game. Scarecrow's fear toxin can be found in the second Riddler Room, and there is a boat in the "Amusement Mile" that holds a captive inmate that screams and apparently dies once he is zoomed in on. There is also an invoice from Falcone shipping for the attention of Dr. J. Crane, saying the first 15 shipments of "Live Insects for Medical Purposes" have arrived, and that more are on the way. During the Protocol 10 sequence of the game, three dead henchmen who are wearing clothes that don't resemble any of the current crime leaders in Arkham City are found on the roofs across the city, their clothes resemble the Scarecrow's burlap sack and hood, hinting that Scarecrow might have henchmen in the city. The final easter egg to his survival can only be discovered at the end of the game using the cryptographic sequencer. There are three radio frequencies (500.00 and 900.00, 700.00 and 500.00, 200.00 and 500.00) that give off a seemingly random set of numbers followed by a musical chime, that say the message "You will pay for what you have done to me. I will return, Batman. Fear will tear Gotham City to shreds," when decoded, confirming his survival.
  • Scarecrow appears in Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes voiced by Nolan North.

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