Doppler Shift

  • (noun): Change in the apparent frequency of a wave as observer and source move toward or away from each other.
    Synonyms: Doppler effect

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Experiments With Crookes Tubes - Doppler Shift
... down the tube, would be shifted in frequency due to the Doppler effect ... moving in the other direction, and again observed the spectrum looking for a shift ... massive than the electrons, they move much slower, accounting for the lack of Doppler shift ...
Transit (satellite) - Description - Determining The Satellite Orbits
... They measured the Doppler shift and transferred the data to 5 hole paper tape using standard teleprinter hole convention ... earth orbit from a known ground station using the Doppler shift is simply the reverse of using the known location of the satellite in orbit to locate an unknown ...
Pound–Rebka Experiment
... atom moves with just the right speed relative to the receiving atom the resulting doppler shift cancels out the gravitational shift and the receiving atom can absorb the photon ... is therefore a measure of the gravitational shift ... blueshift by moving the emitter away from the receiver, thus generating a relativistic Doppler redshift Special Relativity predicts a Doppler redshift of On the other hand, General Relativity predicts ...
Bistatic Doppler Shift
... Bistatic Doppler shift is a specific example of the Doppler effect that is observed by a radar or sonar system with a separated transmitter and receiver ... The Doppler shift is due to the component of motion of the object in the direction of the transmitter, plus the component of motion of the object in the direction of the receiver ... and target is Rtx and distance between receiver and target is Rrx, the received bistatic Doppler frequency shift is calculated as Note that objects moving along the line connecting the ...
Laser Doppler Velocimetry - Operating Principles
... fluctuates in intensity, the frequency of which is equivalent to the Doppler shift between the incident and scattered light, and is thus proportional to the component of particle velocity which lies ... volume will scatter light from the measurement beam with a Doppler shift a portion of this light is collected by the receiving optics and transferred to the photodetector ... photodetector where optical heterodyne detection produces an electrical signal proportional to the Doppler shift, by which the particle velocity component perpendicular to the plane of the beams can be ...

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