Dole may refer to:

  • Dole Constituency, a parliamentary constituency in Zanzibar
  • The Grain supply to the city of Rome in ancient times.
  • Unemployment benefits
Dole with this meaning is colloquial to English in the UK and in countries with strong UK ties such as Australia and New Zealand.
  • Charitable giving of food, clothing or money in England (mostly obsolete).
Churches often hand out the dole to parishioners in hard times. Some churches still continue these hand outs as traditions in England, such as the Wayfarer's Dole, St Briavels Bread & Cheese Dole and the Tichborne Dole. The term was later applied to Outdoor relief and gained its modern meaning at the beginning of the 20th Century.
  • A flock of dove.
  • A Scottish legal term for Mens Rea. Derived from the Latin Dolus, the term denotes an evil intent.
  • Dole Food Company, US agricultural corporation
  • Dôle, a blend style of Swiss wine from the Valais
  • DOLE, Department of Labor and Employment (Philippines)
  • Dole Air Race, ill-fated 1927 air race named for sponsor James Dole (see below)

A dole/dule of doves (@see one can see the connection to feeding doves (often grain) and various charities described in this article.

  • Dole, Idrija, a settlement in the Municipality of Idrija, Slovenia
  • Dole, Jura, a commune in the département Jura in France
    • Arrondissement of Dole, a French arrondissement containing the commune Dole
  • La Dôle, a mountain in Switzerland
  • Dole, Nepal, a village in Nepal
  • Livery Dole, an area of Exeter in Devonshire, England
  • Small Dole, a hamlet in the Civil parish of Upper Beeding in West Sussex, England
  • Bob Dole, (born 1923), U.S. politician, former U.S. Senator
  • Charles Fletcher Dole (1845–1927), Unitarian minister and author
  • Daniel Dole (1808–1878), missionary who founded Punahou School
  • Edmund Pearson Dole (1850–1928), lawyer and Hawaii attorney general
  • Elizabeth Dole, (born 1936), U.S. politician, former U.S. Senator and former U.S. Cabinet member, wife of "Bob" Dole
  • James Dole (1877–1958), Hawaiian Pineapple planter
  • Lester Dole (1855–1918), American baseball player
  • Nathan Haskell Dole (1852–1935), Boston author
  • Mary Phylinda Dole (1862–1947), American woman doctor
  • Sanford B. Dole (1844–1926), first Governor of Hawaii
  • Vincent Dole (1913–2006), American doctor
  • Wigglesworth Dole (1779–1845), Deacon and patriarch of several others

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Famous quotes containing the word dole:

    It was because of me. Rumors reached Inman that I had made a deal with Bob Dole whereby Dole would fill a paper sack full of doggie poo, set it on fire, put it on Inman’s porch, ring the doorbell, and then we would hide in the bushes and giggle when Inman came to stamp out the fire. I am not proud of this. But this is what we do in journalism.
    Roger Simon, U.S. syndicated columnist. Quoted in Newsweek, p. 15 (January 31, 1990)

    Sometimes I think we’re the only two lawyers in Washington who trust each other.
    —Elizabeth Dole (b. 1936)