DKP can refer to:

  • Diketopiperazine
  • Communist Party of Denmark
  • Deutsche Kommunistische Partei (German Communist Party)
  • D. K. Pattammal - Carnatic Music Vocalist
  • DKP, virtual currency in the simExchange video game prediction market
  • Dragon kill points, a meta-currency used to distribute loot in online games
  • Dan Krech Productions - An animation and visual effects production studio
  • Duffin–Kemmer–Petiau algebra and the related Duffin–Kemmer–Petiau equation in quantum field theory

Other articles related to "dkp":

The Sim Exchange - How It Works - DKP
... DKP is the name of the virtual currency used on the simExchange ... Unlike some forms of virtual currency, DKP is not backed by real money ...
Dragon Kill Points - Mechanics of A DKP System - Zero-sum DKP
... Zero-sum DKP systems are designed to ensure the net change in points among the raid is zero for each item dropped, as the name might suggest ... The player who has the highest DKP total receives the item for its specified price and the same number of points are divided evenly among the rest of the raid and given out, resulting in no net change to the raid ... result, the raid would only be rewarded DKP if at least one player desired the item dropped by the boss ...
Communist Party Of Denmark/Marxist–Leninists
... Kommunistiske Parti/Marxister-Leninister, DKP/ML) was a political party in Denmark, that advocated revolutionary communism ... The DKP/ML took part in elections in 1984 and 1987, under the party letter L, but got less than 1000 votes in each ... After it was founded, the DKP/ML took a stand with Enver Hoxha's Albania ...
DKP Log Parser
... DKP Log Parser is an open source tool designed to help administrate a time-based DKP reward system in conjunction with EQDKP ...