Distribution Frame

In telecommunications, a distribution frame is a passive device which terminates cables, allowing arbitrary interconnections to be made.

For example, the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) located at a telephone central office terminates the cables leading to subscribers on the one hand, and cables leading to active equipment (such as DSLAMs and telephone switches) on the other. Service is provided to a subscriber by manually wiring a twisted pair (called a jumper wire) between the telephone line and the relevant DSL or POTS line circuit.

In broadcast engineering, a distribution frame is a location within an apparatus room through which all signals (audio, video, or data) pass, with the ability to arbitrarily route and connect sources and destinations between studios and other internal and external points. Connections can either be soldered, or made using terminal blocks. Because the frame may carry live broadcast signals, it may be considered part of the airchain.

In data communication, a building distribution frame (BDF) houses data switches, etc.

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