The term disengagement can refer to:

  • Disengagement (military)
  • Disengagement (politics)
    • Israel's unilateral disengagement plan
    • Superpower disengagement
  • Religious disengagement
  • Disengagement (film) by director Amos Gitai
  • Apathy

Other articles related to "disengagement":

Superpower Disengagement
... Superpower disengagement is a foreign policy option whereby the most powerful nations, the superpowers, reduce their interventions in an area ... Such disengagement could be multilateral among superpowers or lesser powers, or bilateral between two superpowers, or unilateral ... For instance, disengagement could mean that the superpowers remove their support of proxies in proxy wars in order to de-escalate a superpower conflict back to a local problem based ...
Moral Disengagement and Entertainment
... Arthur Raney (2004) expanded affective disposition theory by including moral disengagement processes ... Moral disengagement allows us to enjoy fictional entertainment scenarios that we would otherwise find morally reprehensible in real-life ...
Shalom Dov Wolpo - Politics - Gaza Disengagement
... He was active in the protest movement in 2005 that fought the disengagement from Gaza ... about a "new holocaust" with the Gaza disengagement, and that he had gladly "collaborated with the Nazis of today." He ruled that assisting in the evacuation of ... He called for Olmert to be "brought to trial and punished." Following the disengagement he published a book entitled "Between Light and Dark" in which he shows that Rabbi Schneerson was right about rejecting Zionism ...
Daniel Schueftan - Policy Advisor
... credited with having advanced the concept of "unilateral disengagement" or "unilateral separation", as articulated in his 1999 book, "Disengagement Israel and the Palestinian Entity" (in ... In Schueftan's view, Israel's unilateral disengagement from Gaza is only a first step in a wider historical process ... - and this is the underlying feature of the disengagement - is that we need to leave Gaza and Nablus, not because it will bring peace, but because there will be perpetual terror ...