• (adj): Being biased or having a belief or attitude formed beforehand.
    Synonyms: prejudiced
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Some articles on discriminatory:

Mc Cleskey V. Kemp - Impact
... protection of the laws" to racial minorities may fail unless something more than a mere discriminatory effect can be shown ... The Supreme Court generally requires, in addition to discriminatory effect, that a discriminatory purpose be shown as the government's motivation for creation the law in the first place (See Washington v ... Thus, although a discriminatory effect may be an ingredient of a successful Equal Protection claim, it is probably insufficient on its own (See Palmer v ...
Ledbetter V. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. - The Supreme Court's Decision
... The Court held that according to Title VII, discriminatory intent must occur during the 180-day charging period ... Ledbetter did not claim that Goodyear acted with discriminatory intent in the charging period by issuing the checks, nor by denying her a raise in 1998 ... She argued that the discriminatory behavior occurred long before but still affected her during the 180-day charging period ...
Gregorius Nekschot - Discriminatory Cartoons
... The office of the public prosecutor has seen to the removal of the eight allegedly discriminatory cartoons from the internet ... has not informed the public which cartoons it considered discriminatory and why ...
Mc Donnell Douglas Corp. V. Green - Impact of The Case
... (employer) must produce evidence of a legitimate non-discriminatory reason for its actions ... or by otherwise proving that the defendant's actions used one of the listed unlawful discriminatory parameters ... the questions to be proved from whether the defendant has acted “because of” an unlawful discriminatory factor to whether the defendant has lied about the reasons it took action ...

More definitions of "discriminatory":

  • (adj): Containing or implying a slight or showing prejudice.
    Example: "Discriminatory attitudes and practices"
    Synonyms: invidious
  • (adj): Manifesting partiality.
    Example: "A discriminatory tax"
    Synonyms: preferential