Digital Systems

Digital Systems was the first Internet service provider in Bulgaria. The company was established in 1989 with their main business activities being computer systems and networks. It has been offering Internet services since 1991.

Digital Systems LTD is a software development company in Greece since 1987. ERP EXELIXI is their first ERP in Greece.

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Analogue Electronics - Analogue Vs. Digital Electronics - Design Difficulty
... circuits are harder to design, requiring more skill, than comparable digital systems ... This is one of the main reasons why digital systems have become more common than analogue devices ... An analogue circuit must be designed by hand, and the process is much less automated than for digital systems ...
Comparison Of Analog And Digital Recording - Dynamic Range - Overload Conditions
... There are some differences in the behaviour of analog and digital systems when high level signals are present, where there is the possibility that such signals could push the system into overload ... In contrast, digital PCM recorders show non-benign behaviour in overload (Dunn 200365) samples that exceed the peak quantization level are simply truncated, clipping the ... a usable dynamic range that can exceed that of some PCM digital recorders ...
Conditional Access Systems - Digital Systems
... Notes 0x4AEB Abel Quintic Abel DRM Systems 2009 Secure 0X4IEC ABV Alliance Broadcast Vision 2003 Secure 0x4800 Accessgate Telemann 0x4A20 AlphaCrypt. 0464 EuroDec Eurodec 5501 Griffin Nucleus Systems, Ltd. 0x0E00 PowerVu Scientific Atlanta Secure Professional system widely used by cable operators for source programming 0x0E00 PowerVu+ Scientific Atlanta Secure Professional system used by cable operators for ...
Nagravision - Digital Systems
... Four versions of Nagravision are in common use for digital satellite television, known as Nagravision, Nagravision Cardmagedon, Nagravision Aladin and Nagravision Merlin ... has been adopted all over the world as a conditional access system, with providers Bell TV (Canada) (Nagravision 3) BIG TV (India) Cabovisão (Portugal) (Being adopted gradually across the network ... Digital+ is the only provider using Nagravision Cardmagedon (and also Nagravision Aladin) after its adoption in March 2005 ...

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