Digital Negative - Rationale For DNG

Rationale For DNG

Given the existence of other raw image formats, Adobe's creation of DNG as a competing format implies that DNG is unusual and satisfies objectives that other raw image formats do not. These objectives and the associated characteristics of DNG, as well as assessments of whether these objectives are met, are described below. Increasingly, professional archivists and conservationists, working for respectable organizations, variously suggest or recommend DNG for archival purposes.

Although it is possible to verify that DNG has a given characteristic, it is difficult to demonstrate that no other relevant format offers the same. Therefore, anyone who is concerned about a particular objective/characteristic can check the status of DNG here, but should also check the status of alternatives elsewhere. (There is further reading at the articles on raw image formats, dcraw, and reverse engineering).

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Digital Negative - Rationale For DNG - Characteristics
... Format based on open specifications and/or standards DNG is compatible with TIFF/EP, and various open formats and/or standards are used, including Exif metadata, XMP metadata, IPTC metadata ... Self-contained file format a DNG file contains the data (raw image data and metadata) needed to render an image without needing additional knowledge of the characteristics of the camera ... version scheme built into it that allows the DNG specification, DNG writers, and DNG readers, to evolve at their own paces ...