Digimon Frontier

Digimon Frontier (デジモンフロンティア, Dejimon Furontia?), known outside of Japan as the fourth season of Digimon: Digital Monsters, is the fourth television anime series produced by Toei Animation based on the Digimon franchise. The series is noticeably different from other seasons as the main characters, the Digidestined, don't train Digimon to fight for them but instead merge with ancient spirits to become Digimon themselves. The series aired in Japan between April 7, 2002 and March 30, 2003, with an English language version, produced by Sensation Animation, airing in North America between September 9, 2002 to July 14, 2003. It is the last of the series to use the Digimon: Digital Monsters title as subsequent series, beginning with Digimon Data Squad, began using unique localised titles. It is also currently the only season to have not aired in the United Kingdom.

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... The first four series were collectively retitled Digimon Digital Monsters ... using different voice actors for different forms of a certain Digimon, whereas in Japan, the voice actor merely changes the tone of his/her voice, sometimes being altered for effect ... cable network ABC Family, while the fourth (Frontier) premiered on UPN ...
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... The 50-episode anime series Digimon Frontier, produced by Toei Animation in 2002, is the fourth series in the Digimon franchise ... It does not follow the plot of any of its three predecessors, Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02 or Digimon Tamers ... Digital World is in danger, the children gain the power to transform into Digimon in order to stop the forces seeking to destroy the Digital World ...
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... This adaptation covers Digimon Adventure in five volumes, Digimon Adventure 02 in two, Digimon Tamers in four, and Digimon Frontier in three ... The three volumes for Digimon Frontier have been released by Chuang Yi in English ... However, the Chuang Yi releases of Digimon Frontier were distributed by Madman Entertainment in Australia ...

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