Diffuse Knapweed

Diffuse Knapweed (Centaurea diffusa), also known as White Knapweed or Tumble Knapweed, is a member of the genus Centaurea in the family Asteraceae.

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Centaurea - Description and Ecology
... Knapweeds are robust weedy plants ... Certain knapweeds have a tendency to dominate large stretches of landscape together with a few other plants, typically one or two grasses and as many other large herbs ... The Common Knapweed (C ...
Diffuse Knapweed - An Invasive Species - Summary
... The success of diffuse knapweed must be attributed to a combination of several mechanisms ... importance must be attributed to the ERH because diffuse knapweed, while a very effective invasive species in its novel environment, is non-invasive ... To demonstrate that the ERH applies to diffuse knapweed, it is essential to show that the absence of natural enemies has a significant positive effect ...
Larinus Minutus
... minutus is a species of true weevil known as the lesser knapweed flower weevil ... of biological pest control against noxious knapweeds, especially diffuse knapweed (Centaurea diffusa) and spotted knapweed ... During this time the female lays up to 130 eggs, depositing them in the knapweed flower head ...

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